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July 18, 2013
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Amechi Ref by Lacrirosa Amechi Ref by Lacrirosa

Amechi Refby Lacrirosa

:iconwolphfe: :iconbarutut: :iconhironyan: (She created this beautiful girl<3)
They drew the pictures used here.
I simply just put it all together because I'm kind of sick of having great ideas for Amechi's personality and having to write it out over and over ///lazy and don't feel like going on photobucket anymore either. I'm also pretty bored and yeah...;-;

Name: Amechi

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Unknown;; but has a preference to females.

Personality and Backstory:
Amechi is the definition of a tsundere; she is very cold hearted and mean. Her love for anyone close to her is buried down so deep that it cannot really be seen or touched unless she lets it go, otherwise she'll stand there crossing her arms in disgust. She rarely smiles and always looks pouty and miserable, infact she prefers to look like that. Her expressions don't change too often unless she is in really deep thought or otherwise. Getting to know more about her, Amechi is actually part wolf, her tail and ears give that away.
Amechi has a very good sense of smell and hearing given to her by the wolf side of her and she can most likely never get lost or easily find where she is if she does. She gets jealous very often as, even though she hides it, she loves attention and being pampered like a princess.
Amechi isn't completely normal however, as many people prefer to fight with weapons, Amechi's attitude brings out a deep and bad side to her. In danger or under other precautions, Amechi's eyes can glow red, causing rose petals to dance around her body as her wolf form is let out. A human sized wolf, the color of her hair, is her beast like form. Sadly, she gets joy out of fighting but mainly she likes to protect what belongs to her. As much as she likes to be guarded herself she won't let anyone get hurt or die for her.
Usually when transformed back into a human, she likes to lick the blood off her hands and speak of how "tasty" it is. However, her memory in that form doesn't last too long, as she transforms back, she forgets everything ever happened before and her eyes fade back to normal.

Currently she is dating and in love with :iconprinceyui:'s Prince Yui; a beautiful girl who she likes to keep close to her heart even though it rarely shows.

But like every princess, she has a stalker, another character of mine, Prince Riley, tends to fall in love with her over and over, wishing she was his to marry and keep close. Often times kidnapping her and getting his ass kicked by Yui.
He tends to flirt with all girls but does anything to get close to Amechi.

Amechi also does tend to own two pokemon, a Ethereon, being a Ghost eevee and a Vaporeon, a water type eevee. Vaporeon was never supposed to be one, as that eevee was always afraid of water. But accidently it evolved;-;
Ethereon was an abandoned pokemon who Amechi gave her a home too, however, she sometimes is closer to her than her faithful companion Vaporeon because of how and who she was abandoned by.

ffff- me and my hopeless characters.
Amechi sounds so stupid but idc, she's awesome in my opinion.<3
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gorillAZY Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so cute :heart:
Lacrirosa Jul 20, 2013
Thank you<33
Mesunari Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist
wow, she's so pretty! ;3;
Lacrirosa Jul 20, 2013
thank youuu<3
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